Spring Operated Cable Reeling Drums

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Spring Operated Cable Reeling Drum


Spring Operated Cable Reeling Drum with Guide Arrangement

Orton make spring operated cable reeling drums are powered with springs and has an automatic rewind features which provides an extremely simple way of supplying power to machines such as cranes and hoists. These cable drums are sued for both AC and DC applications. These reels recovers and store the cable in multiple layers on the drum.

Standard reels are supplied for the cable fed in the clockwise direction, When viewed from the Slipring side. The same can be provided form anticlockwise feed of cable also. These reels are extremely simple to mount and can be mounted on the structure with the help of supporting flange. If no suitable structure is available, then a bracket can be connected to the flange and this can be fixed to the floor or tray etc.

The springs used in these reels are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are of clock spring type. A wide range of characteristics can be obtained by assembling these singly or in series or in parallel.

All the power sliprings are designed for 600V AC operating voltage.

Spring operated cable reeling drums can also be supplied with geared rotary limit switch arrangement.

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